10.06.2011 | Wolfsburg AG

The Frisbee Golf Course in the Allerpark Is Now Open

Sport enthusiasts from all over the Wolfsburg region can now put their steady hands, skill and accuracy to the test on the new Frisbee Golf Course in the Allerpark.

The Frisbee Golf Course is laid out like a circuit, with each of the 18 sections containing a start position, natural obstacles such as trees or mounds and a chain basket. The length of the sections varies between 35 and 105 metres depending on the level of difficulty. Use of the course is free of charge and does not require prior registration. Frisbees can be hired from the Columbian Pavilion, which is located directly on the shores of the Allersee lake, for a returnable deposit of 10 Euros and come with a scorecard for each player and a map of the course. The scorecard can also be downloaded at www.allerpark.net. The ideal group size for a game of frisbee golf is six people.