10.06.2011 | Wolfsburg AG

An Intelligent Home Offering Comfort across All Generations

How we will live in the future has been given a new dimension in the city of Wolfsburg. In April 2011, Wolfsburg AG opened its Model Apartment, which is equipped with intelligent home utilities, building services and generation-specific products. The completely furnished apartment represents the first phase of the "+Raum" project and shows how modern technology can make everyday life easier. All age groups can profit from generation-specific furnishings and technical assistance systems.

The products and technologies used in the 2-room flat are now already available on the open market. The apartment provides complete disabled access and contains generation-specific furnishings and equipment in which all products can be easily and intuitively operated and offer flexible use. This is also proven by the “universal design award”, a stamp of approval that the apartment received from renowned architects, designers and consumers. As part of this project, Wolfsburg AG is already working with 40 companies from the Wolfsburg region and beyond. The diverse selection of products ranges from a wireless computer desk through to a curtain lift and right through to centrally controlled locking systems and radiators.


The next stage of the project involves the establishment of an exemplary service platform, which would offer users, however old they may be, unrestricted access to so-called Application Services (apps) that they have selected themselves.


The project objectives therefore also include consolidating the experiences gained in a centre of expertise on a medium-term basis, combining services and tapping into the economic potential of this field for the Wolfsburg region.