You Can Achieve Much More with Team Spirit

Correctly establishing a successful network can maximise the benefits of synergies. We work in partnership with a number of actors. We combine our skills and join forces with these partners to form networks for our region.

Wolfsburg AG cooperations and affiliations

Wolfsburg AG is a cooperation partner and dedicated member of a wide variety of initiatives that are active both in the Wolfsburg region and all over Germany. This commitment particularly aims to promote an intensive exchange of knowledge and practical cooperation in order to work together with partners to improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Wolfsburg location.


The Future Congress: Every year, interesting presentations, large models and innovations attract a great deal of attention at the Future Congress of the 2b AHEAD Think Tank. The approx. 250 participants from the fields of business, science and culture use the event to debate future scenarios and strategic recommendations for the next 10 years. The 2b AHEAD Future Congress, which is held at Wolfsburg Castle, offers an ideal communication and exchange platform with a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Starthilfe Wolfsburg: The "Starthilfe" relief initiative works together with the Wolfsburg Youth Support Association to provide support for projects promoting a decent future for children and young people in Wolfsburg.


The Alliance for the Region: The Alliance for the Region (‘Allianz für die Region GmbH’): The Alliance for the Region develops economic structures with the objective of establishing additional growth and employment in the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region of Germany, securing existing jobs and improving the quality of life. As a shareholder and partner of the Alliance for the Region, Wolfsburg AG works together with the regional growth initiative to implement a multitude of projects, services and activities.

AutoVision - Der Personaldienstleister GmbH & Co. OHG: This company brings together the business activities of the companies Wolfsburg AG and AutoVision GmbH in the field of temporary employment and offers temporary staffing solutions both within the environment of the Volkswagen Group and in the automotive industry.The Wolfsburg EnergyAgency: The Wolfsburg EnergyAgency ('Wolfsburger EnergieAgentur Gmbh') informs people in the Wolfsburg region about all topics concerning energy supply and energy consumption. Its individual tips help to save energy and increase energy efficiency.

The "Gewerbeakademie": The Gewerbeakademie Wolfsburg GmbH professional academy is a regional educational institution that offers concepts in the fields of education, vocational training and further education and training. As a partner of the Job Centre run by the Wolfsburg Employment Agency, it offers unemployed individuals the chance to qualify themselves for good job opportunities with compulsory social security contributions. Specially qualified instructors provide support focusing on both theory and practice in a variety of different occupational areas. Wolfsburg AG works as a partner of the Gewerbeakademie.

The "Neue Schule Wolfsburg" school: The educational concept used by the "Neue Schule Wolfsburg" school aims to individually support and challenge the talents and abilities of children and young people. It also focuses on internationality, science and technology, business, art and culture and talent development. As a combined comprehensive school, the Neue Schule Wolfsburg contains a primary school and integrated secondary school that teach pupils in all years starting from year 1. It offers all school-leaving qualifications right up to the German Qualification for University Entrance ("Abitur").


The Buendnis Elbe-Seitenkanal (ESK): The "Bündnis Elbe-Seitenkanal" ('Elbe Lateral Canal Alliance') association is committed to improving and securing the performance of the Elbe Lateral Canal in terms of traffic infrastructure on a long-term basis.

The Association Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (AMMPL): The Association Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (AMMPL, known as BME in Germany) works as a network designer to support and promote the exchange of experiences between companies and the field of science and research with regard to the topics of purchasing and logistics.

The Business Angel Network – BANSON e.V.: The Business Angel Network – BANSON e.V. offers networking events, promotes entrepreneurial spirit and puts companies in contact with Business Angels.

CMT Wolfsburg e.V.: The association CMT Wolfsburg e.V. brings together the interests of the retail industry in Wolfsburg. It is managed by the company Wolfsburg Marketing GmbH.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Bildung e.V. (DGTB): The main objective of the German Society for Technical Education (DGTB) is to support and promote technical education in schools.

Braunschweig Research Airport: One of the most innovative business and science clusters in Europe. With its portfolio of services and facilities stretching across a comprehensive range of modes of transport, Braunschweig Research Airport is developing into Europe's leading centre of expertise for mobility issues.

Harz University of Applied Sciences / Economic Development Laboratory (WiFöLAB): A platform for the further development of organisational and technical issues involved in the working environment of economic development organisations

The Lower Saxony Innovation Network: This network is active throughout the German Land of Lower Saxony. It aims to support and improve the work of the various organisations in Lower Saxony that promote innovation and provide advice concerning technological issues by linking them with sources of information and communication systems.

The Institute of Northern German Business (‘Institut der Norddeutschen Wirtschaft e.V. – INW’): This business association represents over 400 companies and institutions of various sizes and from different industries and sectors. The institute represents the interests of its members and offers them an extensive information forum on topics such as environmental policy, economic development, European politics and media policy.

ITS Niedersachsen e.V.: The association ITS Niedersachsen e.V. supports and promotes the interests of small and medium-sized companies, industrial companies, universities and research institutions involved in the development of intelligent transportation and traffic systems.

The Hanover-Braunschweig-Goettingen-Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region: Wolfsburg AG is a member of the Business Association of the Hanover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region. The association is a partner of the Metropolitan Region company Metropolregion GmbH and represents corporate interests within the region.

The Alliance for the Region Network (‘Netzwerk Allianz für die Region e.V’.): This funding association acts as a contact for companies and interested parties that want to support or sponsor projects in the region.

Nordland-Autobahn-Verein e.V.: This association supports the A39/A14 motorway project, which represents the central development prospect for the improvement of the traffic infrastructure in the north-east of the German Land of Lower Saxony and a possible connection to major transport axes.

ready4work: The ready4work project creates additional training positions in cooperation with the regional training association RegionalVerbund für Ausbildung (RVA). The main factor behind the success of the project is the funding for education and training that it collects in its non-profit donation and fundraising campaigns.

The Rulebreaker Society: A new type of business club that brings together national and international entrepreneurs, executives, pioneers and instigators to exchange visions and ideas for the future.

The German Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions VDFU (Verband Deutsche Freizeitparks und Freizeitunternehmen e.V.): The VDFU is the platform for amusement parks in Germany and its neighbouring countries.

VTN – The Association of Technology Centres in Lower Saxony: A combination of technology centres from the German federal state of Lower Saxony that have joined forces to form an institution that supports the development of the local economy. The association runs projects and initiatives across the centres and throughout Lower Saxony on behalf of the state government.

Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft zum Studium Niedersachsen e.V. (WIG): As the Scientific Association for Regional Studies in Lower Saxony, the WIG is a non-profit research network that explores topics in the field of regional studies and is open to both interested individuals and institutions.