Space for Communication and Innovation

Our headquarters are located on the InnovationsCampus at the Wolfsburg AG Forum AutoVision. This group of buildings represents a milestone in our corporate history by providing a home for the development of our company’s future-oriented concepts.

The Forum AutoVision – a prime location for future-oriented ideas

The Forum AutoVision is home to the Simultaneous Engineering (SE) Centre, the InnovationsCampus buildings 1-8 and an Arena containing catering facilities and function rooms, as well as a car park. The close proximity between these buildings and personal contact between their residents enable a permanent exchange of ideas and experiences, which in turn fosters the further development of innovative ideas.

Easy networking

The construction of the InnovationsCampus (ICW) led to the creation of a diverse group of buildings that is also home to the Wolfsburg AG headquarters. The design and location of the ICW enables it to offer an infrastructure that is optimally tailored to suit the interests of potential start-up companies and an extensive range of consulting services and other services involved in the field of activity of Economic Development and Relocation. It provides young entrepreneurs with targeted support and promotion throughout the start-up process.

In 2011, another building on the InnovationsCampus was completed and welcomed its first tenants. It also offers around 1500 parking spaces in its adjoining multi-storey car park.

The SE Centre and InnovationsCampus are connected by the Arena and are home to a number of areas fitted with state-of the art technology that act as ideal and prestigious venues for events such as congresses, conferences, project meetings and cultural events.

Environmentally friendly power from a photovoltaic system

Wolfsburg AG has been using a solar power plant to generate environmentally friendly electricity since 2008, when a collector surface covering an area of over 1500 square metres was installed on the roofs of the Forum AutoVision. Wolfsburg AG uses this system to supply the grid with approximately 200 megawatt hours of power every year. The power generated by the solar power plant is equivalent to the annual power consumption of 45 four-person households. Every year, the plant saves a total of around 130 tons of carbon dioxide gas and will therefore achieve a total saving of 2600 tons in its planned lifespan of 20 years. The investment volume for the installation of the solar power plant amounted to around 890,000 Euros.