Wolfsburg AG Facts & Figures

Achieving more together – for Wolfsburg and the surrounding region


The company GIZ Gründungs- und Innovationszentrum GmbH, which was based in Wolfsburg, was converted into Wolfsburg AG in 1999.


Wolfsburg AG is a public-private partnership between the company Volkswagen AG and the city of Wolfsburg.


The Wolfsburg AG company headquarters are located at the InnovationsCampus, which forms part of the Forum AutoVision at the address Major-Hirst-Strasse 11 in the German city of Wolfsburg. The Forum AutoVision is also home to the Simultaneous Engineering (SE) Centre and the Arena.

Fields of activity

Wolfsburg AG's main objective is to promote the development of economic structure and boost employment in the Wolfsburg location and the surrounding region. The following fields of activity form the focus of the work carried out by the company: Education, Leisure, Mobility Business and Research as well as Economic Development and Relocation.

Initial capital

10.1 million Euros