The Board and the Supervisory Board

Taking responsibility for and monitoring business development

The Members of the Board of Wolfsburg AG

Wendelin Göbel (Spokesman of the Board) and Thomas Krause are the Members of the Board of Wolfsburg AG. As Members of the Board, these individuals are responsible for a number of different functions and business divisions within the company.

The Supervisory Board of Wolfsburg AG

The Supervisory Board of Wolfsburg AG monitors the company’s business development and approves important business transactions. It also appoints the Members of the Board. The Supervisory Board is composed equally of representatives of the shareholders Volkswagen AG and City of Wolfsburg.

The Members of the Supervisory Board

  • Gunnar Killian, Chairman

  • Dennis Weilmann, Deputy Chairman

  • Matthias Disterheft, Deputy Chairman

  • Stefan Aubke

  • Daniela Cavallo

  • Maren Gräf

  • Nadine Hilbert

  • Dr. Astrid Hunck-Meiswinkel

  • Jens Kellermann

  • Ralf Krüger

  • Marco Meiners

  • Heike Müller

  • Hans Dieter Pötsch

  • Hartmut Rickel

  • Gerardo Scarpino

  • Thomas Schmall

  • André-Georg Schlichting

  • Hubert Szczepaniak

  • Jan Ulrich

  • Bastian Zimmermann