Ideas | Incentives | Initiatives

Visions need a driving force behind them in order to become reality. We consider our company to be a source of inspiration, an initiator and a driving force for future-oriented projects in Wolfsburg and the region.

A high level of dynamic activity at the business location of Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg is now one of the leading business regions in Germany. The parameters for the strength of the region are very good, with its high level of dynamics going hand in hand with stable employment growth and above-average income. Wolfsburg AG is responsible for and committed to securing and extending this top position on a long-term basis.



Future-driven structures for doing business, working and living

We develop structures that transform our region into a strong, innovative and diverse business location. We maintain this dynamic process on a long-term basis, aiming to support successful companies, create good working conditions and achieve an excellent quality of life.



We combine interests and create synergies

Many like-minded people can achieve their goal much quicker than one person alone. This is why we combine economic, societal and labour market interests in a public-private partnership.