Intercultural Training Sessions to Prepare Staff for Assignments Abroad

Through the EducationAgency, we assist with interpreting, language training programmes and intercultural seminars to prepare for assignments abroad.

Using intercultural competence to achieve professional success abroad



The EducationAgency (BildungsAgentur) of Wolfsburg AG is a regionally focussed education provider. We currently offer the following services:

Intercultural trainings

With the help of made-to-measure intercultural trainings, we assist our clients in successfully planning for assignments abroad and international business relationships. Our trainers are seasoned experts for the respective country. We are more than willing to advise you and submit you an individual offer.

The Pupil Laboratory Network

Within the scope of our SchülerLaborNetzwerk, a Pupil Laboratory Network, we provide a mobile pupil laboratory. This consists of experiment kits, as well as accompanying teaching material on topics such as wind energy or photovoltaics. The lab can be requested by pupils and is suitable for school children from year 5. Our experienced teachers work closely with school instructors to design the curriculum. 

Further projects are being planned.