Skilled Workers for Companies and Companies for Skilled Workers

In a changing world of work, we strengthen the potential of skilled workers in Wolfsburg’s labour market by means of recruitment, integration and further education and training. We work hard to support and promote lifelong learning and to enable people to

Tailored Services for Companies

Qualified employees are a key factor for success when it comes to a company’s competitiveness. We therefore develop and implement recruitment and integration programmes and further education and training solutions that are both comprehensive and individually tailored to suit a company’s needs. Our range of services extends from the selection of new staff through to the analysis of skills and expertise and right through to made-to-measure professional and interdisciplinary training education courses. Our cooperation with our vast network of both local and international experts enables us to offer such a broad spectrum of services.

Successful Learning and Working – on a Lifelong Basis

A person’s professional career often makes up more than half of their life. It is therefore essential that workers constantly adapt their skills and expertise to meet the demands of the labour market. Our services strengthen the potential of skilled workers in the Wolfsburg location by providing targeted development of future talents, actively promoting re-entry into the workforce and identifying and providing tailored support for hidden potential. By doing so, we pave the way for personal career decisions.

Digitalisation: an Opportunity and a Challenge

The transformation in the market and at companies that goes hand in hand with digitalisation also has an impact on education and employment. New occupational areas and modes of working are arising while those that already exist are undergoing fundamental change. With our work, we support the development of Wolfsburg into a reference location for the changing labour market with a special focus on the digital transformation.