E-Mobility – Using the Region as a Test Laboratory

Electromobility is a key factor for a sustainable energy and traffic policy. The Showcase for Electromobility established by Lower Saxony brings together projects from the vehicle– energy and infrastructure – traffic value chain.

The Showcase for Electromobility

The energy transition has now been far more than just a concept in the minds of researchers for quite some time. A scarcity of resources and change of climate have made it necessary for us to find a sustainable way to use clean CO2-free energy. When it comes to alternative modes of transport, electromobility is one of a number of future-oriented emission-free technologies available.


The major target set by the German Federal Government of putting a million electric cars on the road by the year 2020 is now facing a number of very real challenges, for example the fact that electric vehicles can only contribute towards climate protection when their electricity is also obtained from renewable energy sources. Intelligent transport strategies are needed into order to fully tap into the potential of such vehicles. On a technical level, electric cars involve challenges regarding battery production and the development of a sensible charging infrastructure. We use a multitude of different projects to work on:


- establishing a modern and needs-based electric charging infrastructure

- creating an exclusive WLAN network for the use of special applications for electric vehicles

- providing the general public with a hands-on experience of electromobility and new mobility services in a mobility centre

- analysing the cost effectiveness of electric vehicles used in commercial vehicle fleets