E-Mobility and Smart Region

Individual infrastructures such as charging posts are digitally networked.

Progress through networking

One of the main characteristics of a Smart Region is the fact that individual infrastructures such as charging posts are digitally networked. Data are collected, linked and used to generate relevant information that can be used for different applications.

When used in urban and transport planning, the term "smart" describes a process involving the digital networking of infrastructure elements and actors.

Data networking generates new forms of communication and the transfer of expertise.

Being smart doesn't end at the city boundaries. After all, tens of thousands of commuters travel across the city border and into Wolfsburg every morning alone. The city's tourist attractions also generate incoming traffic from beyond the local region. Logistics companies that aim to supply goods to the Volkswagen Group or other companies just in time need to coordinate global commodity flows.

In the future, many people will travel in electric vehicles, thus resulting in the need for a comprehensive non-discriminatory charging infrastructure.