ITS mobility Strengthens the Regional Industry

ITS mobility acts as an important platform for mobility business and research in Northern Germany.

A Network Combining Industry and Research

ITS mobility provides an interdisciplinary platform that aims to strengthen the field of mobility research and the automotive industry in Northern Germany. It creates a network between the companies, universities and research institutions in the local area. These new connections and contacts strengthen all actors in equal measure and in a sustainable manner.

The Lower Saxony Initiative for Mobility

The initiative launched by the German Land of Lower Saxony has been using ideas and projects focusing on the topic of mobility to support and promote future-oriented traffic management since 2013. The initiative uses the efficient management of business and research networks to bring together potential cooperation partners.

The Lower Saxony Initiative for Mobility plays an important role in further developing Lower Saxony’s current strong position in the area of mobility across a wide variety of different modes of transport and using intermodal solutions to embrace the changes involved in a new awareness of mobility. Its work focuses on using efficient network management as a framework to combine existing skills and expertise. Wolfsburg AG is a member of the syndicate behind the initiative and will support the project by providing staff over the coming years.