An Innovative Location for Business and Life

Strong companies and new business ideas provide growth and a dynamic economic structure. We therefore provide companies with advice on business development and establishment, support founders and create an attractive environment with a high quality of lif

Wolfsburg – a Business Location with a Strong Profile

Even in the world of global business relations, every company needs a place it can call home. The Wolfsburg location combines an outstanding infrastructure, a diverse business community and space to grow and flourish in an attractive environment. We offer companies a comprehensive range of services for locating to and expanding in the region.

Business Development for all Stages of Corporate Development

Markets, technologies and customer demands are now developing at an increasingly rapid pace. With our experience, we are a reliable partner for innovative minds, start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to further develop their ideas and transform them into viable business concepts. Be it strategy, financing or market research, our consulting expertise and network know no bounds.

An Attractive Location and a Home for Life

Wolfsburg not only stands out as an impressive business and employment location but also offers a combination of urban flair and rural charm that makes it a great place to visit and an attractive place to live. We develop leisure facilities and attractions and pave the way for investors and operators in the industry who are establishing their business in Wolfsburg. By doing so, we increase the quality of life in the city.