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The Wolfsburger Nordkopf is becoming a vibrant area of the future, with retail, leisure, offices, hotel, living and mobility and digital solutions.

A master plan for the Nordhoff axis

With an eye towards the planned area development of Nordkopf, Heinrich-Nordhoff-Strasse takes on special significance. The city of Wolfsburg has commissioned a master plan for the development of the Nordhoff axis from the St. Annen interchange to the A39 motorway. This incorporates the objective of developing the area on the north side of Heinrich-Nordhoff-Strasse, taking urban planning and mobility aspects into consideration.



Nordkopf Area Development

Nordkopf is considered a vital hub and spoke, and with the planned area development, it is intended to be Wolfsburg's calling card in terms of attracting talents, professionals, companies and investors. Together with the project developer and investor SIGNA, and in cooperation with the city of Wolfsburg, along with Volkswagen Group, we are currently working on an overall concept for the site. There are plans to create an urban quarter for the future, integrating office spaces, living, retail, leisure, restaurants and catering and overnight accommodation, along with new models of work, mobility and digital solutions. These new elements will dovetail perfectly with existing visitor magnets such as the phaeno, the Autostadt, the Wolfsburg designer outlets, as well as the Allerpark.

With SIGNA Holding GmbH, we have enlisted an experienced and renowned investor for the project, offering expertise in the fields of retail and area development. With this partner and others to follow, an in-depth concept and feasibility study will emerge. It will contain substantive content-related, economic and even legal considerations. On the basis of the overall concept, the city of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen Group will then decide on the implementation of the plans. In roughly two to three years, the first phase of development is to be achieved in the form of approx. 2,000 VW jobs in the Nordkopf complex.