Assistance Systems in the "+raum“ Model Apartment

Until 2019 our +raum enabled us to demonstrate the possibilities of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). The technical assistance systems featured in the apartment provide people in all kinds of circumstances with accessible living and more independent lives.

Accessibility within your own four walls

Our intelligent Model Apartment contains generation-specific products and intelligent home utilities and can be used as an interface and a communication and information platform in training sessions, workshops and viewings organised by customers and service providers. The products in the apartment have won the "universal design award" and impress visitors with their simple and self-explanatory functions. The next stage of the project involves plans to create a service platform and a centre of expertise.


  • March 2019| Project closing

  • May 2016|Nominated for the eco Internet Award 2016 in the category of "Smart" in the B2C segment

  • May 2015|Awarded 3rd place in the SmartHome Deutschland Award 2015 in the category of "Best Implemented Project“

  • May 2015|Start of the pilot phase of the Product Guide for Assistance Systems (AAL Guide)

  • February 2015| Start of the series of "Confronting Dementia with Ease" events

  • May 2013|Establishment of the Product Guide for Assistance Systems (AAL Guide)

  • May 2012|Start of the concept to support regional outpatient care services and facilities with the care robot “PARO the Seal”

  • March 2012|The “+raum” concept is honourably mentioned in the Innovation Award for Care for the Elderly 2012

  • February 2012|The start of a series of events on "Intelligent Technology in the World of Care" and of individual accommodation advice sessions for comfortable and accessible living

  • April 2011|Inauguration of the Model Apartment and the official start of the project

The role played by Wolfsburg AG

The +raum Model Apartment enables Wolfsburg AG to make yet another contribution towards improving quality of life and promoting economic development.