Accommodation Advice for Accessible Living at an Older Age

We use our consulting services to provide individual information on suitable residential measures such as technical assistance systems, which guarantee older people or those in need of care accessible living within their own four walls.

Improving precautions with personal accommodation advice

Our individual consulting services provide accommodation advice for all of the issues involved in comfortable and accessible living. We also use our accommodation advice services to support individuals who need to make changes to their homes, for example those requiring accessible living within their own four walls due to disability or those in need of care.

Our accommodation advice services are not, however, only aimed at people in need of care and their relatives. They also, and more importantly, aim to raise awareness of the topic of accessible living among young and old alike.

We use our accommodation advice services on the topic of assistance systems to work as a regional contact for housing societies and the organisations responsible for care facilities.

Our consulting services

  • - Adapting your living environment to suit your individual needs and requirements

  • - Products that make your day-to-day life easier

  • - Emergency call systems that help you to feel safe

  • - Intelligent technologies that offer you a more comfortable and convenient life

  • - Financing opportunities

  • - Local residential alternatives

The role played by Wolfsburg AG

By offering individual accommodation advice services, Wolfsburg AG is able to make yet another contribution towards improving quality of life and promoting economic development.