The Challenge of Demographic Change

People in Germany are getting older and older and as a result, a number of major changes. We work in cooperation with companies and initiatives to develop concepts that enable us to confront these challenges.

Demography – an ageing society

While the birth rate in Germany is decreasing, the number of people aged over 50 in the country’s total population is rapidly increasing. These developments will cause significant changes to age structures in Germany on both a medium and long-term basis. It is essential that both companies and employees face up to the challenges involved in this development!

Wolfsburg AG helps companies to overcome these tasks and requirements by providing them with innovative ideas, projects and services.

The Modular Age Simulation Suit (MAX) enables companies to test and optimise the age suitability of their working conditions. Our accommodation advice services and +raum Model Apartment provide you with consulting and qualification services for optimised customer orientation and generation-specific and health-oriented living.