Energy Production in Harmony with the Environment

The topics of energy, the environment and resources are closely connected. Achieving an environmentally friendly energy supply is a key issue in both the present and the future. We are committed to developing new technologies for security of supply.

New opportunities with renewable energies

The use of alternative energy sources such as wind, water, sunlight and biomass plays an essential role in the provision of a sustainable energy supply. This sector holds enormous potential for innovations and job opportunities. We help to make Wolfsburg a milestone in the development of alternative energy concepts.

A competence network for energy and environmental experts

We have established a network with energy experts both in the Wolfsburg region and further afield. Our commitment to this sustainability network enables us to combine both ecological and economic standards with the aim of strengthening the innovative power of the region in order to protect the environment.

An infrastructure for security of supply

A high level of energy efficiency helps to reduce costs and dependency on energy imports. It also enables us to achieve better security of supply with lower CO2 emissions. We also help to advance and promote the construction of environmentally friendly structures, for example through the work carried out by the EnergyAgency.