Patent Management from an Expert Source

The journey towards a patent is full of unclear risks and unanswered questions. The InnovationsCampus boasts well-founded knowledge of all of the issues involved in patent consultation and research.

The right patent for every invention

The experienced consultants at the InnovationsCampus provide support for creative minds for every step of the way, from the generation of ideas right through the economic utilisation of inventions. Experts and inventors work together to determine the status quo, set targets and analyse the competition. They then use the results of these activities to develop strategies for company-specific patent management. We support small and medium-sized businesses in initially securing their ideas with industrial property rights and then putting these rights to good use.

Patent Research and Consultation

Alongside its free initial consultations for all issues involved in the world of patents, the InnovationsCampus also offers inventors and companies competent patent research services and further advice on patents, utility patents and design patents.