From a Business Idea to a Company Start-Up

The main aim of every initial consultation is to provide company founders with an individual road map for their journey towards self-employment and independence. This initial discussion is the first step.

The first step towards a company start-up

Starting up a new business is a process that requires a well-thought-out plan. The initial consultation at our InnovationsCampus is the very first stage of this process and provides future entrepreneurs with an overview of all of the formalities involved in starting up a company, relevant contacts for the start-up process, possible funding opportunities and the sensible preparation of a business plan. This first discussion at the InnovationsCampus on the journey towards self-employment and independence is, of course, free of charge and confidential.

Independent statements for funding programmes

The approval of funding and grants always requires an evaluation of the financial viability of the start-up project in question. Such projects can only secure funding and financial aid once their application has received a positive evaluation. As an established information and consultation centre, the InnovationsCampus is able to provide independent expert statements for relevant funding programmes.

The business plan: the road map for your journey towards self-employment

The business plan provides a firm foundation for every business idea. It contains a precise description of the company and its target market and provides an overview of the required expenditure, investments and revenue. It is also used as a master document for project implementation and monitoring corporate targets. The InnovationsCampus Wolfsburg supports company founders in drawing up a business plan, checks the feasibility and viability of their plan and helps them to prepare for meetings and discussions with investors.