Automated Driving on Motorways and in the Secondary Road Network

Next-generation technology in the automotive industry: using automated driving on motorways to achieve efficient traffic control and infrastructure use

Automated driving on motorways and in the secondary road network

In the "Testfeld Niedersachsen" (Testbed of Lower Saxony) research project, automated and networked driving is currently being tested on the A2, A7 and A39 motorways in Germany. Selected sections of motorway involved in the project are being fitted with technological features used to test a variety of degrees of traffic automation. The entire route is being precisely mapped in order to create a basis for investigations conducted as part of realistic stimulation studies. The project also involves providing the general public with an insight into next-generation technologies in the automotive industry.

Given that around 80,000 commuters travel to Wolfsburg, the use of new and innovative systems promises to have a positive impact in terms of more efficient traffic control and infrastructure use. The fact that Wolfsburg is involved in the "Testbed of Lower Saxony" project guarantees that the city will be one of the first locations to be fully prepared for highly automated driving.


Project Duration

From 2018 to 2020


Build-up of testing equipment along the A39 motorway from 2018

“Testbed of Lower Saxony” project taken into operation in January 2020

Project Partners

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is building the Testfeld Niedersachsen (Testbed of Lower Saxony) – together with the German Federal State of Lower Saxony, ADAC Lower Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt e.V., Continental AG, IAV GmbH, NordSys GmbH, Oecon Products & Services GmbH, Siemens AG, Volkswagen Group and Wolfsburg AG.

The Role Played by Wolfsburg AG

Wolfsburg AG is supporting the research project with 180,000 Euros. The participation guarantees a link between the location of Wolfsburg and the “Testbed of Lower Saxony”, along with dovetailing with local projects in the area of mobility research.