We Support Your Planned Site Location in Wolfsburg

Die Wolfsburg AG unterstützt Zulieferer und Lieferanten der Automobilindustrie bei der Ansiedlung in und um Wolfsburg. Dazu stehen Gewerbe- und Industrieflächen in unterschiedlicher Größe und Qualität zur Verfügung.

Comprehensive Services for Companies Looking to Relocate

SupplierLocationServices as an initial point of contact for companies from the mobility sector, as well as for companies looking to relocate to Wolfsburg, offer a comprehensive support package with services, among other things. Suppliers and subcontractors can make the most of competent consultation and advice for issues involved in the area of location development, from initial enquiries right through to the official opening of their business premises. These services include procuring office and commercial space, helping with administrative procedures and organising supplier gatherings and specialist events.


Your high-quality location

Every year, established players and innovators from the industry decide in favour of the optimal conditions in the business location of Wolfsburg. And that is what makes Wolfsburg and the surrounding region stand out as an important hub for the global automotive industry. The location offers high-quality commercial and industrial premises at more than 15 different sites and a number of additional sites are also currently in development. The diverse infrastructure of our commercial and industrial premises offer companies optimal connections.