Wolfsburg – Automotive Expertise from A to Z

We work hard to strengthen Wolfsburg as a central location for the automotive industry that offers attractive location advantages for suppliers. We support and promote innovative mobility concepts and applications and strengthen the infrastructure that th

Digitalisation – a Driving Force Behind Mobility Innovations

Digitalisation provides inspiration and ideas for the mobility of the future and offers opportunities for new business models at the interface of and for mobility. The essential expertise required for this process is concentrated in the companies, research establishments and universities of our local region. As an intermediary between the city, the Volkswagen Group and other actors, we create expertise networks and shine the spotlight on this knowledge – for example in our work for the #WolfsburgDigital initiative.

We Bring Experts Together

Remaining at a standstill will get us nowhere, which is why we focus on movement – with pilot applications for new mobility and digital solutions. Wolfsburg offers an authentic and urban yet manageable environment, a fitting infrastructure and experienced partners for this movement. What’s more, our platforms, for example the International Suppliers Fair (IZB), and projects strengthen the exchange of ideas and experiences and support cooperation.

Location Advantages for Players in the Automotive Industry

Wolfsburg is a top location for companies and institutions involved in mobility business. Be it specialists or all-rounders; lone warriors, medium-sized enterprises or corporate groups; start-ups or traditional companies, we have already supported more than 200 organisations in the industry who have chosen to locate to Wolfsburg. Our clients benefit from our expertise.