New Ways of Achieving a Good Infrastructure

Mobility will certainly look a lot different in the future, especially given that the current approach to car-friendly towns and cities has now reached its limits in many locations all over the globe. We explore intelligent solutions for the traffic mix.

Transporting more people in a quicker and more convenient manner

Megacities such as Tokyo, São Paulo or Shanghai are not the only places that need to respond to the global increase in traffic chaos. In fact, the traffic situation in our region has also come to a dramatic head in recent times, meaning that we now need future-oriented solutions directly here in Wolfsburg. We use such solutions to improve the mobility region by introducing new dimensions.


A task force for the region

Every day, a total of 75,000 commuters fill the roads surrounding the Volkswagen factory and Wolfsburg city centre. In order to confront this challenge together with the economy and public administration departments, we have joined forces with Volkswagen, the city of Wolfsburg and a number of other partners to establish the “Traffic Task Force”, a committee dedicated to the development of future-oriented traffic measures. Optimising the use of roads and introducing modern traffic control concepts enables us to regulate traffic congestion and contribute towards an improved flow of traffic, even during rush hour. Wolfsburg AG is responsible for the overall coordination of the projects implemented by the Task Force.