Wolfsburg as an International Centre of Mobility Expertise

We support the members of our networks in maintaining contacts, working together to achieve innovative developments and sharing their experiences.

An international hotspot for trade shows, fairs and congresses for the automotive industry

Networks are formed on the basis of shared interests and mutual trust. Long-term cooperations play an instrumental role in enabling the development of innovative power and competitiveness. We use these facts as a driving force behind our work as an information provider by organising specialist trade shows, fairs and congresses to support and promote the exchange of experiences.


Our International Suppliers Fair (IZB) has transformed Wolfsburg into a central point of call for supplier companies from all over the world. The event, which is held every two years, enables us to offer a unique platform for communication between OEMs and suppliers. On top of this, we also organise international specialist congresses in order to sharpen the profile of Wolfsburg as a trade fair location and to strengthen the city’s reputation as a globally recognised centre of expertise for the automotive industry.