Wolfsburg – A Centre for Automotive Mobility

We work hard to strengthen Wolfsburg as a central location for the automotive industry and offer suppliers and subcontractors attractive location advantages. We support and promote innovative mobility concepts and provide with a reliable infrastructur.

We bring automotive industry experts to the region

Our region has firmly established itself as an ideal location for a large number of competent service providers in the automotive industry. We have installed a variety of platforms in order to further strengthen the automotive industry in Wolfsburg and to promote its networking activities. The International Suppliers Fair (IZB), for example, regularly attracts experts and trade visitors from all over the world to Wolfsburg.

Research – the driving force behind innovation

Our region boasts an important concentration of essential knowledge. A wide variety of university institutes focusing on mobility both in and around Wolfsburg act as important centres of expertise. We support and promote research and development as a driving force behind innovative ideas.

Implementing new mobility concepts

Alternative drive technologies such as electromobility and carsharing are central topics and future-oriented concepts. Here in Wolfsburg, we already offer the ideal infrastructure for mobility concepts. Remaining at a standstill will get us nowhere, which is why we focus on movement.