Intercultural Training Sessions to Prepare Staff for Assignments Abroad

In cooperation with the Agency for Intercultural Business (AIB) we are able to help staff working in other countries and cultures. The Agency's services, for example interpretation, language training and intercultural training.

Using intercultural competence to achieve professional success abroad

The Agency for Intercultural Business (AIB) provides individuals with support on their journey towards international success. It offers a variety of different services such as language training, country-specific intercultural training and training sessions on “cultural awareness” for international project groups/teams, expatriates and impatriates. The Agency for Intercultural Business also offers its clients services in the fields of cooperation and procurement management, as well as delegation services.

Facts and figures

  • - 2006 – The initial idea of offering services for "intercultural business relationships” is born when misunderstandings and negotiation difficulties arise between different contractual partners and company representatives at an international trade fair.

  • - 2008 - The “Academy for Intercultural Business”, which is later renamed the "Agency for Intercultural Business", is founded.