An integration programme combating the lack of qualified staff in the region

A recruitment and integration programme for foreign professionals, specialists and executives for small and medium-sized enterprises

Specialists for the region

In terms of structure, many industries suffer from staff shortages when it comes to the presence and availability of specialist employees. Recruiting and integrating international specialists can help to solve this problem, even in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region. One such solution is "Into the Job", a tried and tested recruitment and integration programme run by the Wolfsburg AG EducationAgency.

Recruiting and integrating international drivers

Wolfsburg AG has been using a made-to-measure 'matching' service for jobseekers and employers combined with comprehensive integration management activities to recruit professional drivers in Portugal since 2013. In this matching process, an individualised qualification programme is used to prepare qualified staff for their new fields of activity in regional companies in work-related training courses. These courses mainly involve an integration phase in which the company and the candidate are supported by the Wolfsburg AG team, which works to enable the candidate to adapt to his/her new working environment in the best possible manner.

The role played by Wolfsburg AG

The Wolfsburg AG EducationAgency is the initiator and operator of the "Into the Job" programme. One of its main focuses is its cooperation with a multitude of partners both in Germany and abroad.

Recruiting educational staff

The city of Wolfsburg has been investing in the expansion of its childcare facilities since as early as 2012 and, as a result, has created a multitude of vacant positions for educational staff. As a subsidiary of the city, Wolfsburg AG supports it in its search for educational staff both in the local region and further afield. The first phase of recruitment, which is taking place from July 2016 to March 2017, is appealing to graduates and experienced professionals throughout Germany and providing them with details of the jobs and advantages that Wolfsburg has to offer. Potential candidates will then be invited to complete telephone interviews and to come to Wolfsburg for expert conferences and welcome days.

The role played by Wolfsburg AG

Wolfsburg AG is responsible for providing recruitment services and handling the applications submitted by international drivers and education specialists on behalf of the city of Wolfsburg.