We Promote Lifelong Learning

We work hard to support and promote the concept of lifelong learning and to enable people to achieve advanced qualifications. As a partner of training and further education initiatives, we support exciting learning opportunities.

Preparing children for school education and improving their learning ability at an early age

Education plays a key role in enabling individuals to deal with the changing requirements involved in the world of work. Our educational initiatives ensure that everyone has a successful start to life by offering activities for children of as young as nursery school age. After all, supporting children at an early age is an essential factor behind providing them with a successful individual education.

Using career orientation projects to increase training ability

When you first enter the workforce, you set the course for a successful professional future. Here at Wolfsburg AG, we therefore use our career orientation projects to enable people to explore different careers at an early stage and in doing so, support their personal occupational decisions. These projects also place a special focus on STEM jobs, which play a particularly important role in our region.

Using made-to-measure services to ensure that companies are competitive

Qualified staff are a key factor for success where a company’s competitiveness is concerned. We therefore develop and initiate programmes that are individually tailored to support companies’ staff and organisational development processes. Our range of services stretches from the recruitment of new staff through to the analysis of skills and expertise and right through to made-to-measure professional and interdisciplinary training and further education courses. Our cooperation with our large regional network of experts enables us to offer such a broad spectrum of different services.