Seed Capital for New Business Ideas

Successfully making a business idea a reality is ultimately also a question of money. The InnovationsCampus is a strong partner when it comes to acquiring capital and funding.

Focusing on investors and funding sources

In most cases, founders of start-ups are only able to provide a fraction of the capital required for the establishment and growth of their companies. The successful search for investors and funding is therefore a matter of life or death for these companies. When it comes to this essential issue, the Business Development Team at the InnovationsCampus provides founders and new start-ups with advice and consultation and informs them about suitable funding options.

Matching: business ideas meet investors

Regular matching events enable company founders with ideas to meet investors with capital. The InnovationsCampus Wolfsburg also helps founders to thoroughly prepare for meetings with investors and can also offer them the option of requesting that an experienced consultant accompany them in these discussions. On top of all this, we also help to establish contact between founders and banks, Business Angels, funding institutions, venture capitalists and other investors.