The RepairCafé as a Trend to Counter the Throwaway Society

The Repair Café offers space for networking and help for self help, as well as the opportunity to repair small electronic appliances with expert guidance.

In the RepairCafé, volunteers offer visitors their knowledge of repairing small electronic and mechanical appliances and textiles so that they can pass it on to others. Visitors can bring their broken small electronic appliances to the RepairCafé to receive expert tips and tricks from the specialists at the café so that they can repair them themselves. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere enables visitors and staff to establish contacts and exchange ideas and DIY knowledge.


The RepairCafé in Wolfsburg is an initiative of the Volkshochschule Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg Adult Education Centre), the "Schiller 40" of the city of Wolfsburg and the company Wolfsburg AG.


The RepairCafé has been taking place every third Thursday of the month at the Wolfsburg AG "WerkStatt" workshop and, in the winter months, in the Schiller40 Coworking Space since September 2014.

If you are interested in visiting the RepairCafé, you can contact in advance to find out if a suitable helper for your broken devices will be attending the café and can help with your repairs.


The RepairCafé has already been able to successfully help more than one hundred visitors within the space of just one year. Its nine voluntary helpers, which are committed to support the café on a regular basis, play a central role when it comes to achieving this success.

The Role of Wolfsburg AG

The Wolfsburg AG InnovationsCampus is one of three initiators and organisers of the RepairCafé.