Flexible Use of Office Rooms at the InnovationsCampus

The "Worlds of Work at the InnovationsCampus" facilitate the flexible use of office rooms for freelancers, young entrepreneurs, project staff and entrepreneurs, thus enabling you to be flexibly available to help your customers and clients on location.

An Office Workplace in a Professional Environment

The "Worlds of Work at the InnovationsCampus" are flexible office workplaces located in a modern group of buildings with a prestigious business address. Interested parties can flexibly book individual workstations on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Conference rooms, printer access and wireless Internet access help to provide a professional working environment for start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs in all industries and sectors, precisely when they actually need them.

On top of all this, the InnovationsCampus also boasts its very own community, which offers unique networking opportunities. Events, consulting services and working together at the same location all enable users of the Worlds of Work to make the most of an active exchange of ideas and experiences and new partnerships.

Depending on users' requirements, they can choose one of two different World of Work packages for the needs-based use of the Worlds of Work.

For more information and to register as a user, please visit www.innovationscampus.com/arbeitswelten.


The concept was created in 2012.