Ideal Conditions for Entrepreneurs

The Wolfsburg AG InnovationsCampus not only offers an infrastructure that is perfectly tailored to suit corporate interests, but also a wide range of services and consulting activities.

Home to a strong business community

The InnovationsCampus is an ideal location for new start-ups. All areas of its infrastructure, for example office rooms and transport connections, are optimally tailored to suit the needs and requirements of such young companies. It is also home to a network of company founders that contributes towards an active exchange of experiences. Tenants at the InnovationsCampus can make the most of the best possible service in all areas – reliable, professional and affordable.

A creative environment and friendly working atmosphere

The InnovationsCampus offers you the opportunity to rent an office and share all other areas with other companies. This reduces the strain on your budget, which is a very important factor, particularly in the early stages of your new company. The campus is home to a variety of different-sized office rooms, car parks, meeting, conference and event rooms and state-of-the-art IT and communications structures, all of which boast favourable conditions. A co-working area also offers a number of workstations available for flexible use.

The InnovationsCampus is so large that it enables a strong business community to grow whilst remaining small enough to maintain its personal character.

The role played by Wolfsburg AG

The InnovationsCampus has been providing an office complex for new start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and supplier companies since 2001. Wolfsburg AG is the owner and operator of the centre.