Plenty of Space for New and Established Companies

Wolfsburg AG is also committed to helping established companies, for example by providing them with relocation services. Various locations throughout the entire city of Wolfsburg offer companies an exemplary range of commercial and industrial premises.

Excellent conditions for relocation

At present, 408 of the 20,400 hectares that make up the city of Wolfsburg contain commercial and industrial premises. Wolfsburg’s 16 commercial and industrial parks are now home to a number of modern businesses and in recent years, a multitude of companies ranging from start-ups through to global players have relocated to the city. This dynamic development is strengthened by Wolfsburg AG's SupplierLocationServices and InnovationsCampus, which support companies in all stages of their relocation to their area. Founders of start-ups, the initiators of innovations and economic growth, can also make the most of a comprehensive range of services for their move to Wolfsburg.