Entering the Market with Made-to-Measure Concepts

The InnovationsCampus Wolfsburg provides companies with comprehensive consultation and advice for the planning and implementation of all sorts of marketing activities. We develop market analyses and company and sales strategies.

Using marketing consulting and sales support to achieve success

Marketing and sales are the classic processes that form the core of corporate activity. It is essential that companies present themselves on the market in an attractive manner and make their services and products accessible to customers in order to achieve success. Our marketing consulting team therefore produces specific marketing concepts for your company and provides advice on both online and telephone marketing and the relaunch or strategic positioning of a brand on the market.

Identifying customer requirements well in advance

After carrying out an individual needs assessment, our TestWelt market research agency uses a group of test subjects to carry out targeted investigations. The TestWelt now has access to a pool of 650 test subjects for such investigations, in which a group of carefully selected testers from this pool examines new products and/or services. The TestWelt conducts these investigations, evaluates their results and uses these results to produce concrete recommendations for action.