Working Together to Step Out of the Box

The InnovationsCampus provides companies with important tools and supports all stages of their complex innovation process, from coming up with an idea right through to making this idea a reality.

The InnovationsCampus supports innovation cooperations

The InnovationsCampus helps companies to optimally prepare for their joint projects and cooperations. It provides partners with reliable support and assistance right from the word go in order to ensure that the time, money and energy that they put into such projects help them to achieve their objectives. The InnovationsCampus has compiled a set of both well-known instruments and its own internally developed tools that enables it to support innovation cooperations with the various stages of their projects.

These tools and instruments are then used by a process consultant in accordance with the stage of cooperation in question. Our process consultants also offer both parties support and security in the case of disputes and produce innovation cooperation guides containing information on topics such as cooperation agreements, budgeting, guiding principles, the scope of the tools and instruments used and communication concepts.

The IdeaPool as a collection of creative achievements

The IdeaPool of the InnovationsCampus Wolfsburg helps to ensure that good ideas are given the opportunity to become a market success. In some cases, the idea itself is there but actually making this idea a reality is impossible without support due to a lack of experience, expertise or investors.

The InnovationsCampus helps to further develop and carefully shape promising business ideas. The developers of ideas often need a strong 'doer’ in order to successfully implement their projects on the market. The IdeaPool brings together creative minds and strong partners for the implementation of ideas with potential.